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Archie loves to lay under the table when I'm at my desk. Ask about him the next time you're on a zoom call with me :)

Vyvyan Doan

My life purpose has always been to just simply CREATE and inspire others to DREAM a little bit bigger. I started Dream Escape Design right before the pandemic and grew an amazing clientele thanks to the support of my community. After working on 20 websites in 2020 I was able to pay off my $10k+ worth of debt and even start an eCommerce store. Check out


Dream Escape Design started because I wanted to help people evolve with a website that goes beyond the corporate or early 2000's style (and yes they do exists out there on the internet). Seeing my clients light up and dive deep into the branding session is what I enjoy most about my work. I absolutely LOVE seeing clients transition from no longer feeling embarrassed of their existing or nonexistent website to launching an INCREDIBLE end product that serves a purpose

I typically work with artist, beautician, entrepreneurs, freelancers, service providers, writers, coaches, eCommerce owner along with many other amazing human beings. Let's connect.

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